Lessons for Bagpipes

I teach complete beginners through to Intermediate (B Grade) pipers, from about age 10 to 70. I have substantial experience as an adult educator. In particular I have held senior teaching appointments in the USA and Canada with the military, as well as Adjunct Associate Professor appointments at the University of Canberra and the University of Queensland.

I provide both in-person and Skype/Zoom private lessons. I can also provide group lessons and structured workshops.

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In-Person Private or Skype/Zoom Lessons

For in-person private lessons you either come to my residence or I will come to you within a basin bounded by Yass, Goulbourn and Cooma. For areas outside Canberra and Queanbeyan there is an associated cost for my travel time and expenses. In this case Skype/Zoom private lessons are often a better option, especially if coupled with the occasional in-person lesson.

For pipers who are not complete beginners, after an initial assessment, we agree what the desired outcome is and then a syllabus is developed to meet the specific objectives. The learning is therefore structured to the individual.

My normal fee for a private lesson is $50 an hour plus GST. These fees compare very favourably with the Victorian Music Teachers Association recommended fee of $74 an hour, and the Music Teachers Association of New South Wales recommended fee of $84 an hour.

Group Lessons

Group lessons are typically provided in-person under the same conditions specified for in-person private lessons. In this case the fee is $80 an hour, which again compares favourably with the professional associations.

Before I will undertake group lessons the desired outcomes must be agreed. This is coupled with an assessment of how the group plays together, and then a syllabus is developed and collectively agreed.

Structured Workshops

Typically a structured workshop takes from half a day to two or three days depending on the desired outcome. In these circumstances I am prepared to travel outside of the Canberra, Yass, Goulbourn and Cooma basin.

The fee is entirely dependent on the preparation and delivery times, the travel and accommodation involved, and the number of pipers participating. My fees however are very competitive.

Independent Impartial Feedback

I encourage all my students to compete periodically, or at least play before an audience. This provides independent impartial feedback on progress. The Capital Pipers Club provides an opportunity on a monthly basis to perform in a friendly and encouraging atmosphere. My Facebook page provides details of competitions around Australia.